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27/4/2019 · Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Teknogods Support / 支持 / 지원 / サポート / Поддержка TeknoParrot: BTC: 3K4NjY5eWK797Jh8BncxqvL49ZZeD79CPj BCH

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Wow we got a big changelist this time, much of it thanks to Nezarn, nzgamer41 and nibs.Changes in TeknoParrot Release: – [Reaver][TeknoParrot] Improved amAuth emulation accuracy, many RE2 games show online. – [Reaver][TeknoParrot] Fixed coin

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Top responsesCommon Issues / Questions I get an error extracting the archive!We have seen some users not able to extract the TeknoParrot archive if their software is  read more1 voteTurn off your AV and exclude it from the scans so TP can be used fine. It produces false positives0 votes查看全部

About TeknoParrot TeknoParrot is a software package allowing you to run selected PC-based arcade titles on your own hardware, with full support for keyboard and mouse controls, gamepads, steering wheels and joysticks. We currently support games for various

28/5/2019 · Mario Kart Arcade GP DX TeknoParrot Full HD 60fps.

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20/4/2019 · www.HyperArcadeSystems.com [email protected] 1. TeknoParrot Full Set — New Games! Counter Strike Neo, Darius Burst, Sega TV Racing, Groove Coaster.

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How do you enable mouse for HOD4 in 4 · 3 comments WMMT5 slowing down Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. × 0 1 2 Can not extract TeknoParrot * by

Noparrot 1.0 “The Big Baby”
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28/4/2019 · Testing love the aiming FINAL BOSS in EVERY RESIDENT EVIL GAMES AND THEIR FINAL FORM (Main Games) In Order Part 1 – Duration: 32:20. GetRektNoob 1,131,477 views

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26/7/2019 · Yes it’s old but it’s so much fun, not like a lot of games you get today.. Ryzen 9 3900X RTX 2080 ti fe Simucube OSW http://www.emuline.org/ TeknoParrot: htt

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TeknoParrot 1.0 “THE BIG BABY” Changes in TeknoParrot 1.0 Public Build: – Complete recode of the entire DLL. – Initial D6 stability fixes – Sega Rally 3 / Ford Racing bindable buttons for DirectInput and XInput – Major JVS emulation improvements and bug fixes.

* InitialD 7 AAX 1.0+C * InitialD 8 ∞ 1.2+D Install: For Old TeknoParrot 1.06-1.06c 1. Place the Launcher and the folders to your TeknoParrot folder. 2. Place your Initial D 6AA card file “SBUU_card.bin” to “ID6_CARD” folder and Initial D 7AAX card file to “ID7 1.

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首先下載免費版的 TeknoParrot ,如果有錢可以支持一下作者的 patreon 遊戲下載 頭文字 D8 Infinity 遊戲下載完成后先把 ID8_Update.7z 解压覆蓋遊戲根目錄,再把 InitialD8_GLW_RE_SBZZredumped.7z 解压覆蓋遊戲根目錄 頭文字 D7 AAX 灣岸 5(Wangan Midnight

TeknoFfb TeknoFfb is the FFB plugin for TeknoParrot, allowing users to modify the way they feel when they drive in certain supported titles. How to compile You will need Visual Studio to compile the project, premake5 (place the exe in the project directory) to

Currently running on TeknoParrot 1 comment share save 3 Posted by u/xxtwittersxx 16 hours ago WMMT5 Updates? Anyone has a game dump or patch for WMMT5? The current dump I have only has the 5th update, which is from 2015. I miss my3 1

Setup TeknoParrot Download latest TeknoParrot and extract archive somewhere. Open your extracted TeknoParrot folder and run TeknoParrotUi.exe. If this is your first time running TeknoParrot, you will be greeted with a message to set emulation settings. Click OK.

8 hours ago, Fulgore18 said: Next dump should be Mario Kart Dx Rev 1.10.22